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I don't understand that no reviews have been written about this excellent app to access real time currencies and beautiful charts. I use it much more than others for accuracy and technical study. Keep the good job!

Few currencies

Rather poor selection of rates. Seems like only for Japanese market. Checkout CitiFx aka Citi Foreign Exchange Rates !!! Tons of rates I trade on daily basis , tons! Also free with rt streaming and charting! Highly recommed it!

Nice 4-pane charting, but

What's with the choice of pairs? audjpy but not audusd?


Superior quality app. Exhibits thorough planning and talented coding. The only thing missing is an option to choose your base currency for portfolio tracking.


I lost $7000 thanks to the Simplex.

Top quality!

SimplexFX is defintely the best FX quote/chart app in the store now! I especially love the split-chart, which is very useful (and I think other major finance app like Bloomberg or Yahoo Finance should include this function) The graph in the app is also very easy to read. Really a top quality finance app (and it's free!). Quote updating speed is smooth (5 seconds as default) and portfolio section can be updated too! Like other reviews said, if it can add more currencies in the future, will definitly become the no.1 FX app on iPhone! I know it may not happen too soon since this app is actually based on domestic Japanese users, but will still looking forward to the update in the future.

It's close

Simple FX is very close to being a VERY usefull and valuable application. I have two requests that will give you guys the other two stars in my rating. 1. Add a couple more currency pairs, especially USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and GPB/CHF. 2. Allow the Portfolio to have the option of calculating trades in other currencies, especially the USD. If you guys add those things then I will use this app almost everyday and it will be on the front page of my iPod. On a side note: These other suggestions are just minor, but worth mentioning. . I would love to be able to set up and see my take profit/stop loss levels in the Portfolio . I would love to be able to see more technical indicators and have the ability to add fib retracments to the charts

Works great

One of the best app I have

Not bad

This app is not bad but it has bugs and it's not nearly as good as Forex On The Go Lite - which is also free.

Top FX app yet!

This is a very nicely designed FX app with a lot of potential. Keep up the great work. One suggestion - please change the colors of the candles to red for negatve candles and green for positive.

Nice app. Some Bugs

Nice app. Portfolio tab causes app to crash; when trade positions have '0' value or no value entered. Could be the best fx app with some additions and bugs crushed


does Anybody know the value of moving averages on the chart? Thank you

Could be better...

I like the way the app is laid out, but it needs a little more. i.e. you should have a few more time frames like 15min, 4 hour. Also would like to have the ability to see current price. If I could add indicators too, but that might get complicted on such a little screen. Otherwise it has a lot of potential, probably won't count on it though.


Thanks for the fast update. Looks like you guys do read what we're suggesting. Now, for the portfolio section, anyway you can let us change the currency value to what we want? Such as in dollars instead of yen. Also, would be great if instead of amount in 1000+, let us enter that in lot size, such as 0.01, 0.1, 1.21 etc... Also, a choice option between mini and standard account within the portfolio, since pip value is different bwtween them. Would also be great if upon entering those values we can also enter our TP and SL value, and then have all those information be transfer to the graph charts so that we can track it there too. Least but not least, charts also updates with price movement. Once all those features are added, you'll have one killer forex app, number one in my book. Thanks again.

Great Forex App

Finally, a Forex app with GREAT charts all on one screen

Great app get all USD Pairs

Great app once you can gat all currencies crossed against USD

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